With Love, J. Sheppard

Nomadic Bubbles.

jelina sheppardComment

It’s a thing you know... being in a space of uncertainty within yourself when nothing external matches. It’s a real thing. Two things about it. 

One.... leave your bubble. Then when people and circumstances remind you you’re safer in your bubble, go back until you feel like coming out again. That’s your right. 

Two.... it’s easy to find yourself open to the manipulation of someone that could take what you have and create something better. Filter through that and pray to God what he has is what’s left standing.... then trust in him enough that no matter what mistakes are made or no matter what opportunities come, that he’s still controlling the strings and running the show. In my own little bubble, I’m open. 

Some people are made for opportunities to find them... and some are made to create their way to them.