With Love, J. Sheppard

In Love With Love?

jelina sheppardComment


I’m driving with that feeling in my tummy. Divine Feminism is in the background and it’s driving my racing thoughts. I don’t always give into my imagination’s emotional antics but it’s been a while and I’m looking for an escape so I go there. When I’m not ready to filter through life’s highs and lows, I take a step back and check out only to check my bags into imagination station. Today I was greeted with this question,

Do I truly fall in love with people or do I continuously fall in love with Love?

My concern is that maybe I don’t fall in love with people. I’ve only been in love twice and now I feel no ways in regards to those individuals. I don’t know if I’ve ever been in love with a person because people are horribly flawed. I acknowledge I’m flawed and stained with so much. People get what they’ve gotten from me because of the commitment I have for love. Whatever that is for me, if they make me feel what love makes me feel… I yield to the thought Love has found me in this particular body.

My true love is no human being on this planet… I probably sound loony but my philosophy is love is going to find me and to get to me, it’s gonna come in a physical body operated by a force or spirit of love. Does that make sense???

Either way, I’ve always been in love with Love. Love has my heart and I’ll always gravitate toward it… I’m his nomad. I’ve never cheated, I’ve never strayed. I’ve been consistently in love with Love and whatever it looks like at that moment. I wonder what it will physically look like the next go around?