With Love, J. Sheppard

Define "It"

jelina sheppardComment

It is a charisma that has enough wit to enchant, sad to say. It is an immense level of commitment and integrity rooted deep enough to connect itself in me. It is honesty when it hurts and communication unbound by words. It is founded on mental attraction and sparked when accompanied by philosophical ideas, thought, and
love-ology. It is a mindset that is not easily discovered elsewhere. It is creativity. It is mental artistry in motion. It is value of materialism but not idolization. It is Jesus worship and Jesus centered. It is a sense of balance. It is proactive rarely reactive. It is deep thought and preparation. It is friendship. It is love. It is gentle yet firm. It is relaxed and exciting, free-flowing yet fixed. It is something I can be proud of… not so much proud to be with, but proud to support. It is a vision invested in with no regrets. It is a good heart filled with great love. It is a sensation provoked miles away. It is a mind fuck like no other and an aesthetic expression of true love when physically touched. It is complex in attributes but simplistic in structure. It is a mutual agreement and the habitual freedom to choose each other, over and over and over.

So what am I looking for? Im looking for “it”….