With Love, J. Sheppard


jelina sheppardComment

You keep me patient. This isn’t a thing. We won’t spend the rest of our lives drinking whisky on a Friday night. You won’t hold my hand or hold me for that matter. You won’t kiss me goodnight and stroke my face to say good morning. We won’t do I do, but, you’ll keep me patient. You’ll be the reason I won’t settle, and if for some reason I do, you’ll prolong me. Doses of you will keep the impatient, “I want my person” moments medicated. You’ll keep me sober for now and perhaps that's better than any man who’ll come along to make me feel drunk in love. My feet don’t leave the ground for you. You keep me logical. You keep me from reaching, unless it’s to reach for you. 

One day, I do want to know how it feels to fly, but for now, keeping the fear of settling too soon eased is bringing me some kind of peace. Is it real peace? I’m not sure, but it’s calming. Doses of you tie me over until it’s time to do love for real. I can climb a little higher and work a little longer. The reality of you keeps me focused. I truly believe the man I’m working towards will appreciate you for keeping me company and keeping me patient while I wait for him. You’re such a stand up guy, coddling me until he comes.