With Love, J. Sheppard

What is "Young"

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Malcontented and I wish I could crawl under my covers and hide. For whatever reason, when we hid under the covers we always thought we had a found a safe place. I don’t want any human interaction when in fact that’s all I want on a day like today. I’m surrounded by men and while the normal single woman would be flattered, I just want to get away from the whole male species. I want them all to vanish for a few days lol.

They’re either unattractive, unproductive, or the real challenge as of lately, younger, attractive, 20-somethings that believe they’re truly interested. That’s the real issue for me today. I want to get away from these younger 20 somethings that look one way, but age wise they might be another. Question of the day,

How young is to young?

For a 26 year old woman whose intention is to get more mature, older, and wiser, how young is to young? I’ve never had to deal with being approached by a guy younger than me and wanting to entertain it.

Is it because the weather’s breaking? It’s looking like it’s going to be a really nice season for a summer fling. That’s the word in my head. FLING. When I think of a younger individual, all I think they can offer me is a fling. I made the decision a few weeks ago I was done accepting love applications for a little while. I’m unsure when I’ll be open, but after being single for some time, I’m in a good place and I want it to last as long as it can. Mentally and emotionally, I’m happy lol. No crying and overthinking… just chilling.

Now physically?????? I’M DYING!!!! GASPING FOR AIR!!!!!!! ON LIFEEEEEE SUPPORTTTT, PREPARE THE FUNERAL ARRANGMENTS because I don’t know how much longer Vagina’s gonna make it. Not even just that, the female body needs interaction. Hugs, kisses, hand holding, spooning, laughter, heightened serotonin levels. The physical me is lacking (laughing at this moment but it’s almost borderline crying for help). YALL. I just want to HIDE behind a freaking rock. I want to go away and be on a planet by myself for a few days. I truly need to get away. I need to stay focused. No matter what direction I turn my head, there is a male of some format in sight but it’s not my man and, I’m just bothered. I don’t wanna see yall. Get out my view. Leave me alone.

Back to the question, in terms of 20s and up, how young is too young? I think part of the reason I’m afraid to date a younger man, is because what if I like him? Lol. What do I do then? At least, if he’s older than me then… if it doesn’t work okay… I’m prepared for that. It’s socially acceptable to have an older mind have your mind gone, but if I start entertaining these younger men and I meet one I like… what will it look like to have my head gone by a “young boy” lol. No offense to the younger men reading this post. I guess I just need to see a younger male that interacts and shows me that he truly is a grown man. I just…. Don’t know. I mean, how mature can you truly be if you’re younger than me? (serious question and I’m open to a real answer)

 I wanna go hide under my covers and be by myself because the weather’s breaking and things are pullin. What in the world is wrong with me?