With Love, J. Sheppard

Living Single, Living Sacrifice...

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This is going to be jumbled because that's how my thoughts are but here we go.

Anyone can be married now a days. We live in a time where anything and everything is easily accessible. That's what our society has become accustom to. So, like everything else, marriage is also easily accessible. You know I'm right. Millinials are jumping the broom left to right and you know what my response is to that... TGBTG! More babies to populate this beautiful creation of a planet. God your will be done. 

If you're like me, you've at least had the million dollar question run through your mind if you haven't mulled over it. "Why am I not married?" "Why am I not at least in a successful and healthy relationship?" "WHY AM I STILL SINGLE OH LORD!" Clearly, love is in the air and you are blessing nuptials left and right.... what about me? 

I have a theory.... and this theory applies to me and me only; UNLESS you're special, such as I am, and are handpicked to be set apart. We've all heard the scripture "many are called, but few are chosen". If you've ever seen America's next top model, they put out this flyer and announcement calling all models. A large number of people who believe they fit the criteria answer that call and show up but only a FEW are chosen. 

That's me and you. We are different and set apart. We are chosen. It doesn't make you conceded to say and know that. We might not know what God has chosen us for completely, but we know we are chosen. Accept that call. (I really hate being deep, it blows the carnal man in me sometimes.) But of course, our journey to love is also one to be set apart. It's not typical, you're not typical, and the love you and your person share will be ordained and CHOSEN as well; but back to my theory....

What if you're single because you haven't gotten to a place of being a "living sacrifice". I don't know too many living sacrifices. I know a lot of people who sacrifice things for Jesus, but how many of us (myself included), are active and daily intentional living sacrifices? Like, if someone asked you what are you called to do, If nothing else, your response can now be "I'm called to be a living sacrifice". 

I won't pretend like that lifestyle sounds appealing. At 11 pm last night it definitely did nothing for me.But WHAT IF?! The reason I'm single is because I haven't fully given in to becoming a living sacrifice? 

Now sometimes he don't answer my questions quickly but this time! Without hesitation he told me, "you'd give everything for the person I have for you, which you should.... and you wouldn't think twice or hesitate because you already love him enough to sacrifice and live for him." I had to accept what felt like chastisement and say Jesus you're right. At 25, I'm making decisions with my partner in mind. I'm conducting myself they way I feel he'd want me to live. I persevere now because in the end he is mine. 

Make no mistake, I acknowledge and deeply love my source. I never forget Jesus and I am because he is, but I love my husband (can't front like that didn't sound good haha). Sometimes things are held up because we don't take the right shot to make it fall down. Now, keeping my theory in mind, what if I haven't gotten my person yet due to my lack of intention of being a living sacrifice for Jesus. I'm not sure all of what that entails but I have to be committed to finding out. What if, the moment we become a living sacrifice for him and always him, is the moment he releases everything a chosen king or queen is supposed to receive? 

I physically don't want to but I know in my heart, my spirit wants to. You are already set apart and chosen, everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of that call. You can only be blessed if you accept. 

Proverbs 14:23