With Love, J. Sheppard

In Sync

jelina sheppardComment

I talk to you everyday. Whether it's physically or mentally. I'm never out of touch. Today I acknowledge that one if not both of our hearts will have to overcome fear and doubt. Because our love is strong and at the center breeds pure intentions founded on a relationship with Christ, I know fear will try to keep us from one another. So here we go, today's a reassurance kind of day. 

I vow as your friend, your efforts will never be wasted on me. Your pursuit for my affection will always be valued even if your execution isn't always accurate. Your commitment to having real love will always be honored and respected. Your ability to lead will always be supported by my willingness to follow. Without the affirmation of who you are, I'm already following you to the ends of the earth because I trust you to lead me to Christ. 

Today's a weak day for one of us, and maybe that one is me. Even still, you know when I talk to you, I'm reassuring myself...