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The Little Heart That Could

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Getting back out there.... that's something isn't it? Surveying the dating scene and having to interview people to see if you want to hire them for the vacancy you have. I'll be honest, it's one of the most aggravating things ever. It should be fun and exciting but it's not. Whoever tells you that it is is lying! (Or maybe it really is if you're an extrovert). 

For the little heart that could, it's extremely agitating. What I mean is (for the reader I could very well be dating one day), the process itself is overwhelming. Getting to know someone new, standing up to fear, taking a risk when you honestly don't have much left to risk.... trying to maintain conversations and intentionally know someone new; it can be a lot for the little heart that would. OH! AND DON'T TRY TO KNOW MORE THAN ONE PERSON AT THE SAME TIME. Boy, that's a whole other level of anxiety in itself lol. 

So some advice for the little heart that could, take your time and take it little by little. Go at your own pace and be very intentional about your "getting to know you" process. There's nothing to be lost in taking your time other than a distraction. The wrong people will feel a way because it's not going the pace they want, but the ones that are meant to be apart of your life will give you the space you need when you need it and the closeness you want when you're ready. Just keep in mind the good ones don't wait forever so communicating, pure intentions, and the actions of "trying" that follow are what will weed out the wrong ones. The right ones will help you when you "think you can you, you think you can...." until it becomes "I thought I could, I always knew I would"... I imagine that other heart will become the one you were always trying to reach. 

Advice for the one pursuing the little heart that could.... be patient and pure. Be honest and let time draw you two together. Don't be so pushy in wanting what you want that you push your little heart that would away. Take it little by little. You have to believe in the value of the heart you want to gain otherwise, you'll put a lot of ultimatums on the table forcing yourself to walk away. Enjoy the moments you can. Make the time you two spend so irresistible that the little heart that could becomes the little heart that will. Just keep it light and pay attention to the signs.